Global Digital Policy Snapshot


Global Digital Policy Snapshot Series

JUNE 2020- Stanford Global Digital Policy Incubator announces the launch of its new series titled the Global Digital Policy Snapshot. As digital technologies have been rapidly developed and adopted in recent years, the policy and regulatory space in which those technologies are governed has also seen dramatic change. The digital policy realm has become increasingly complex and difficult to follow, even for experts. The GDPi team will provide regularly updated resources designed to provide clear, policy-oriented analyses and recommendations on a range of critical topics related to digital rights to help stakeholders stay abreast of evolving digital policy developments around the globe. GDPi's systematic policy analysis will inform government actors in positions to craft policy––and civil society actors seeking to shape those policies-- about critical digital policy developments, especially relating to human rights. 

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This GDPi Policy Snapshot is made possible by the generous support of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL). The contents are the responsibility of GDPi and do not necessarily reflect the views of ICNL.