Program Activities




Identify and incubate high potential digital policies and technologies.

Address conceptual & practical governance challenges that arise from technology.

Develop policy proposals that have potential to get traction and lead to significant advancements in the digital policy space.

Convene global multi-stakeholder thought leaders & governance actors.

Facilitate creative interactions that generate actionable governance proposals.

Distill insights & catalyze development of global digital norms and policy.

Leverage commitments of technology companies, global civil society, and democratic governments to support security & rights-enhancing policy.

Generate implementation & advocacy strategies for security & rights enhancing governance.

Identify key stakeholders & levers of influence in global policy-making processes.

Build strategic advocacy alliances between tech companies, national governments, global civil society, international diplomats & organizations.

Serve as a go-to resource for global public & private sector policymakers by arming them with conceptual frameworks and practical proposals relevant to their roles.




Quarterly workshops to develop innovative policy and governance proposals.

Annual Global Multi-Stakeholder Democracy & Technology Conference.

Showcasing global thought leaders, cutting-edge policy ideas & creative governance innovations.