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Cyber Policy Education

From massive intellectual property theft affecting businesses of all sizes, to breaches of customer information affecting millions, online terrorist recruiting, cyber espionage, election hacking, and activities that challenge individual, national, and global security, issues related to cyber policy are complex, serious, and here to stay.

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Cyber Boot Camps

for media and congressional staffers

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Ford Dorsey Master's in International Policy Studies

Cyber Policy and Security Specialization

Capitol Hill Briefing Series

The Stanford Cyber Policy Program is engaged in continuous outreach with both the Executive Branch and Congress, as well as the D.C. think tank community who play a pivotal role in cyber policy. Our experts brief senior policymakers and congressional staffers on a monthly basis, covering an important topic of legislation or emerging research findings.

Cyber Reading Group

Locals in this group meet bi-weekly at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford with advance readings to discuss topically related cyber policy issues. It is open to students, fellows, and the tech community.