Image of Chenyan Jia

Chenyan Jia

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Program on Democracy and the Internet (PDI)


Chenyan Jia is a postdoctoral scholar at the Stanford Social Media Lab. Her research interests lie at the intersection of AI-mediated communication and human-computer interaction. Her work has examined (a) the influence of emerging media technologies on people’s attitudes and behaviors; (b) how to design human-centered AI and how to align AI with human values; (c) how to mitigate the spread of misinformation. Her work typically appears in AI/HCI venues and mass communication journals including CSCW, ICWSM, Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Mass Communication and Society, and Media and Communication. Her research has been awarded the best paper award at AAAI ’21. Her current work at the Stanford Social Media Lab explores 1) whether group discussion improves misinformation detection and 2) how to embed democratic values into social media AIs.

Her research has appeared in mass communication journals and top-tier AI and HCI venues including Human-Computer Interaction Journal (CSCW), Journal of Artificial Intelligence, International Journal of Communication, Media and Communication, ICLR, ICWSM, EMNLP, ACL, and AAAI. Her research has been awarded the Best Paper Award at AAAI 21. She was the recipient of the Harrington Dissertation Fellowship and the Dallas Morning News Graduate Fellowship for Journalism Innovation.