Fall Seminar Series at the CPC

Fall Seminar Series at the CPC

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Join us for a weekly webinar series organized by the Program on Democracy and the Internet (PDI) at Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center (CPC). The webinars will take place every Tuesday, starting September 27 from 12 PM - 1 PM PST with both in-person and virual options. 


This quarter, we feature a variety of speakers who will discuss work and research the intersection of free speech, democracy, security, and digital communication technologies. Our speakers include those who focus on policy to others who concentrate on empirical work around cyber issues. There will be both in person and virtual zoom options and can register for all events in the series or single events. 

Speakers & Topics

September 27 – Katie Harbath, CEO of Anchor Change and Former Facebook Public Policy Director, “Platform Policies for the 2022 Election” (YouTube Recording)

October 4 – Josh Tucker, NYU, Echo Chambers, Rabbit Holes, and Algorithmic Bias: How YouTube Recommends Content to Real Users” (YouTube Recording)

October 11 – Tim Hwang, Substack, "The Microeconomics of Disinformation" (YouTube Recording)

October 13 (THURSDAY) Joan Donovan & Emily Dreyfuss, Harvard Kennedy School & WIRED Magazine, "Meme Wars" (YouTube Recording)

October 18 – Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Oxford University, Reuters Institute, “The Power of Platforms: Shaping Media and Society” (YouTube Recording)

October 25 – Meicen Sun, Program on Democracy and the Internet, “Internet Control as A Winning Strategy: How the Duality of Information Consolidates Autocratic Rule in the Digital Age.” (Session not recorded)

November 1 – Chenyan Jia, Program on Democracy and the Internet, “The Evolving Role of AI In Political News Consumption: The Effects of Algorithmic vs. Community Label on Perceived Accuracy of Hyper-partisan Misinformation” (YouTube Recording)

November 8 – Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Program on Platform Regulation, “European Developments in Internet Regulation”  (YouTube Recording)

November 15 – Chris Hoofnagle, UC Berkeley: "Counter-Disinformation: Economic Deterrence Approaches" (Private event)

November 22 - L. Jean Camp, Professor of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University; Topic TBD

November 29 – Ronald Robertson, Stanford Internet Observatory, “Engagement Outweighs Exposure to Partisan and Unreliable News within Google Search”

December 6 – Karen Nershi, Stanford Internet Observatory, “Assessing the Political Motivations of Ransomware Attacks”