Opportunities at the CPC

Opportunities at the Cyber Policy Center

    Research Assistant at the Cyber Policy Center
  • Research Assistant at the Cyber Policy Center
  • Research Assistants for the Stanford Internet Observatory
  • Special Projects Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory
  • Communications Internship for Program on Democracy and the Internet

Research Assistant at the Cyber Policy Center

Marietje Schaake is the International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Center, International Policy Fellow at the Institute for Human-Centered AI, and served in European Parliament between 2009-2019. She is seeking a Research Assistant with excellent analytical, writing and organizational skills to support her work by (1) assisting in writing of short and long publications (2) assisting with the development and support of workshops, seminars, and a weekly newsletter (3) preparing research briefings and memos.

The Research Assistant will also support teaching and lecture activities at the intersection of technology, policy, (geo)politics, governance, regulation and democracy. This may include (1) conducting literature reviews (2) writing memos on potential readings (3) organizing potential readings (4) conducting and writing original case studies. The Research Assistant will work closely with other members of the Cyber Policy Center and external partners from academia and industry.  They should understand the wider social context and implications of emerging technologies, and be detail oriented and capable of articulating the implications and ramifications of a policy for those to whom it applies, e.g., developers, consumers, regulators, etc.

Additionally, the Research Assistant may assist with a range of administrative needs.

Profile Requirements

  • Current Stanford student with the ability to work approximately 10-15 hours per week during the Fall quarter, and possibly beyond.
  • Ability to analyze and synthesise complex information, making clear recommendations, and present it clearly and precisely; both in oral and written formats.
  • Interest in technology and innovation policy, as well as broader geopolitics at play.
  • Interest in political systems, democratic accountability, and international politics.
  • Equally comfortable undertaking in depth research as well as ‘getting stuff done’ in non-research projects.
  • Technical expertise (computer science, data science) desirable but not crucial.


To apply, email David Havasy at dhavasy@stanford.edu.  Please include your CV and a short description of why you are interested in the role.

Research Assistants for the Stanford Internet Observatory

Student Research Assistant Positions For Fall 2021

The Stanford Internet Observatory student research assistant program engages students with SIO’s dynamic research team, giving students the opportunity to work directly with SIO researchers on specific projects, collaborate with the broader team on rapid response projects, and develop their own research ideas. We give preference to students who have taken at least one of our courses and to students with functional fluency in at least one language other than English. Technical and data science skills are a plus.

Interested RAs must submit an online application and upload a copy of their CV/resume and transcript. For full consideration, please submit your application by September 6, 2021. We will begin application review on September 7, 2021.

We are currently seeking RAs to work on the following projects:

Trust and Safety Research (Graduate, 25-50% assistantship)

Research lead: Alex Stamos

Project description: The RA will research and write short-term papers on platform trust and safety, and contribute to the update of content for our Trust and Safety Engineering course.

Desired Experience and Skills:

  • Completion of CS152 - Trust and Safety Engineering

  • Interest in platform policy and abuse issues

  • Strong research and writing experience

Trust and Safety Journal (Undergraduate, hourly 8-10 hrs/week)

Research lead: Shelby Grossman

Project description: The RA will review and provide light editing on submitted articles for SIO’s Journal on Online Trust and Safety. They will also help with website maintenance and document formatting.

Desired Skills:

  • LaTeX or an interest in learning

  • Interest in learning about the field of trust and safety reseach

Tech Team RA (Undergraduate or Graduate, hourly 8-15 hrs/week)

Research lead: David Thiel

Project description: SIO Tech RAs work together to build out the technical infrastructure used by all SIO researchers. Working on sprint cycles, the RAs will learn to release code, seek feedback from researchers, and use their creativity to design and implement new tools.

Desired Skills:

  • Python

  • R

  • Basic data science skills

  • Experience with GCP

  • Familiarity with at least one foreign language

Vaccine Hesitancy (Graduate, 25-50% assistantship or Undergraduate, hourly 10-15 hrs/week)

Research lead: Renee DiResta

Project description: This project will continue our ongoing work on health misinformation and vaccine hesitancy for both COVID-19 vaccines and general vaccines. 

Desired Skills:

  • Background/experience in public health and familiarity with the vaccine hesitancy literature 

  • Data science background and strong data analysis skills

  • Experience with open-source research

Chinese Social Media and Misinformation Research (Graduate, 50% assistantship)

Research lead: Renee DiResta

Project description: This RA will focus on social media and propaganda in English and Chinese originating from the CCP and targeting both Chinese-speaking and English-speaking regions of the world.

Desired Skills:

  • Ability to read/write Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Familiarity with Chinese state propaganda

  • Familiarity with current Chinese foreign relations

  • Experience with open-source research

Brazil Election Research (Graduate, 25-50% assistantship)

Research lead: Elena Cryst

Project description: This project will look at social media narratives and use around the upcoming presidential election in Brazil

Desired Skills:

  • Ability to read/write Brazilian Portuguese

  • Familiarity with Brazil’s current political environment and recent history

  • Familiarity with Brazilian online misinformation and WhatsApp ecosystem

  • Experience with open-source research

General RA (Undergraduate or Graduate, 8-15 hrs/week)

Project description: Interested in working with us but not interested in the specific projects above? We always have needs for generalist RAs and for RAs willing to join us for specific rapid-response projects.

Desired Skills:

  • Foreign language skills (we are particularly interested in students who can read/write Arabic, Chinese (all topolects), Farsi, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese)

  • Interest in information operations or information interference, tech policy, platform self-regulation, fringe platforms

  • Experience with open-source investigations

  • Strong writing and research skills

You must be logged in to your Stanford Google account to access this form. You will be asked to submit a resume and unofficial transcript with your application.

Special Projects Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory

Reporting to the Assistant Director, the Special Projects Manager will be responsible for developing and spearheading several new projects integral to the Stanford Internet Observatory’s strategic goals over the next two years. The SPM will implement new interorganizational collaborative projects between the Observatory and its major external partners, as well as manage new projects designed to accelerate cutting edge research around issues of trust and safety on online platforms. The SPM will launch new research projects furthering the Observatory’s mission by doing novel, collaborative research projects leveraging multidisciplinary methods. They will also systematize this model as a core functionality of the Observatory. The SPM will collaborate daily with the Stanford Internet Observatory's core team and external stakeholders to realize these projects. A strong candidate will have demonstrated leadership skills, research and analysis experience, experience managing diverse projects, and an interest in emerging technology, platform regulation, tech policy, cybersecurity or related fields.

Communications Internship for Program on Democracy and the Internet

The Program on Democracy and the Internet (PDI) at the Cyber Policy Center (CPC) and the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) is announcing a fall quarter 16-week internship focused on supporting website management, social media content and general program communications, with the possibility of extension into the winter and spring quarters.  

About PDI: The PDI mission is to engage with and advance knowledge on the challenges that new technologies pose to democracies around the world. Through knowledge creation and education, and by leveraging the convening power of Stanford University, PDI creates and shares original empirical research around how digital technologies are impacting democracy to inform and educate decision-makers in the field, including the next generation of technologists, business leaders, and policymakers.This effort is intended to bring together scholars from a diverse set of disciplines to study the challenges and opportunities the Internet poses for democracies.  

About the Opportunity: 

Duration: Monday, Aug 30th - Friday, Dec 17th 2021 (16 weeks)

Schedule: 8-10 hours/week

PDI is looking for a fall quarter intern to work with the Program Manager on updating the program website and design, gathering and organizing content for a weekly newsletter, supporting on audience tracking and engagement, as well as other tasks related to event marketing and program logistics. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Inspecting the website and identifying outdated content, dead-end pages, non-functioning links, and updating all the content.

  • Evaluating the program website’s communicative strength, functionality, and clarity, and formulating recommendations.

  • Supporting on select web page redesign and reorganization to increase engagement, conversions and lower the bounce rate.

  • Streamlining the process of turning website visitors, social media followers, and event attendees into newsletter subscribers.

  • Collect details of event attendees to map out PDI’s network of scholars. 

  • Creating and sharing content to highlight PDI’s research and activities with the PACS and CPC social media teams. 

  • Consolidating program impact assessment data into a master tracker. 

  • Recording and tracking milestones shared in team research check-ins. 

How to Apply 

Please email your resume and a one page cover letter describing your interest in the role and prior experience to Haifa Badi Uz Zaman at hbadi@stanford.edu