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abstract image of blue background with final report written over it.

Aspen Digital's Commission on Information Disorder Releases Their Final Report

News / November 17, 2021
The report is the culmination of work by Aspen Digita's Commission on Information Disorder, with guidance from Stanford Cyber's Renee DiResta, Alex Stamos, Daphne Keller, Nate Persily and...
Jim Dempsey bio photo plus cover of his new book Cybersecurity Law Fundamentals

James X. Dempsey of GTG Publishes New Book on Cybersecurity

News / November 17, 2021
Almost as swiftly as cybersecurity has emerged as a major corporate and public policy concern, a body of cybersecurity law has developed. This body of law is not systematic. Like all things digital,...
Image of voter wearing a face mask and voting in a booth

Brazil Election Scene Setter

Blogs / November 11, 2021
This is the fourth of a series of pieces we have published on societies and elections at risk from online disinformation. The politically-fueled disinformation engine in Brazil puts the country in...
the cover of the first issue of the journal of online trust and safety featuring a stylized picture of fiber optic cables and the logo of the journal

The first issue of the Journal of Online Trust and Safety

News / October 28, 2021
The journal of Online Trust and Safety published its inaugural issue on Thursday, October 28.
image of cursor hovering over an image of a lock

Why Encryption and Online Safety Go Hand-in-Hand

Blogs / October 21, 2021
Riana Pfefferkorn is a research scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory and a member of the Global Encryption Coalition. This first appeared in Brookings TECH STREAM.
image of iphone showing linkedin icon

Don’t Celebrate Microsoft for Pulling LinkedIn Out of China Just Yet

Commentary / October 15, 2021
From Graham Webster in Slate
jon stewart pictured with Alex stamos of the stanford internet observatory

The Problem With Freedom: It Ain't Free | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

Commentary / October 13, 2021
Alex Stamos talks with Jon Stewart on the vulnerabilities of our democracy and the role of social media.
Frances Haugen 60 minutes interview

Facebook’s data is a sociological gold mine. Outside scholars need access.

Commentary / October 5, 2021
The social media company shouldn’t be able to hide information about whether and how it harms users (from the Washington Post)
Encina Hall and its front lawn

Internet Free Speech with Daphne Keller

Commentary / September 27, 2021
Following the election of another Liberal Government, free speech and censorship will soon be back on the table. On this week’s No Nonsense, Tech Law Expert Daphne Keller on the problems of...
Encina Hall and its front lawn

The Sunday Show: The Bad News on Internet Freedom

Commentary / September 26, 2021
Tech Policy Press Podcast with contributions from Daphne Keller
Combating Information Manipulation

Playbook shares best practices to combat information manipulation

News / September 17, 2021
The playbook will be launched on Monday 20 September at 9:30am ET.
Julie Owono & Dr. Niousha Roshani

Program on Democracy and the Internet Launches New Content Policy & Society Lab (CPSL)

News / September 8, 2021
The new project identifies solutions to the main challenges of moderating content online while respecting fundamental human rights.
man looking at computer

America’s Anti-Hacking Laws Pose a Risk to National Security

Commentary / September 8, 2021
A new piece in Brookings by Riana Pfefferkorn looks at anti-hacking laws
Pillars of light are projected from the 9/11 Memorial Site where the Twin Towers used to stand in New York CIty.

How Stanford Scholars Are Teaching the Next Generation About 9/11

News / September 8, 2021
On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, four Stanford scholars and leading experts in national security, terrorism and contemporary conflict – Condoleezza Rice, Amy Zegart, Martha Crenshaw and Lisa Blaydes...
image of hands typing on a laptop

Five Big Problems with Canada’s Proposed Regulatory Framework for “Harmful Online Content”

Commentary / August 31, 2021
Article from Tech Policy Press by Daphne Keller
image of hacking

Data and Knowledge Must be Protected Against Cyber Attack

News / August 25, 2021
In a new piece in the Financial Times, Marietje Schaake argues that protection for critical infrastructure is too often awarded using outdated criteria
UW campus

The National Science Foundation Awards 3M to Collaborative UW and Stanford Team

News / August 17, 2021
A new grant aims to support a collaborative team of both Stanford and University of Washington researchers, as they explore new areas of study in the mis- and disinformation field.
A collage of Gettr posts against a backdrop of a radiotelescope at dusk

Topologies and Tribulations of Gettr

Blogs / August 12, 2021
A month in the life of a new alt-network
image of magazines stacked up with the text "Journal of Internet Trust and Safety"

Announcing the Journal of Online Trust and Safety

News / July 29, 2021
Stanford Internet Observatory launches a new open-access journal to feature cutting-edge research on online harm.
James X. Dempsey

James X. Dempsey Joins the Program on Geopolitics, Technology, and Governance

News / July 29, 2021
James joins as a Senior Advisor and will be partnering with Andrew Grotto, Director of GTG on a project focused on the concept of "reasonableness" in tort law and regulatory policy for...
illustration of Marietje Schaake

Marietje Schaake Included in POLITICO’s Tech 28: Class of 2021

News / July 15, 2021
POLITICO’s annual ranking of the 28 power players behind Europe’s tech revolution includes the Cyber Policy Center's Marietje Schaake. The list is divided into three categories — rulemakers,...
Ransomware locks up digital data until a fee is paid to the hackers.

Can Biden Do Anything to Stop Ransomware Attacks?

Q&As / July 12, 2021
Christopher Painter explains why the emerging pattern of ransomware attacks needs to be addressed at a political level – both domestically and internationally – and not be treated solely as a...
graphic with images of a Facebook post, a TikTok video and a tweet all praising the Jordanian military.

My Heart Loves the Army

Blogs / July 8, 2021
An Investigation into a Jordanian Disinformation Campaign on Facebook, TikTok and Twitter
cyber turns two graphic

The Cyber Policy Center Turns Two

News / July 8, 2021
A look back at the launch of the CPC and the work of our programs
virus and the vote

The Virus and the Vote: Administering the 2020 Election in a Pandemic

News / July 1, 2021
A Compendium of Research from the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project