April 16 | Burden of Proof: Lessons Learned for Regulators from the Oversight Board’s Implementation Work

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Moghadam Room 123, 615 Crothers Way on Stanford Campus.

carly miller april 16

Join the Cyber Policy Center on April 16th from Noon–1PM Pacific with Carly Miller of the Oversight Board. The session will be moderated by Jeff Hancock, co director of the Stanford Cyber Policy Center, and is part of the Spring Seminar Series, a series spanning April through June hosted at the Cyber Policy Center. Sessions are in-person and virtual, via Zoom and streamed via YouTube, with in-person attendance offered to Stanford affiliates only. Lunch is provided for in-person attendance and registration is required. Sessions will take place in Encina Commons, Moghadam Room 123, 615 Crothers Way on Stanford Campus.

As social media regulation comes into force, regulators are requiring platforms to share an unprecedented amount of data for proof of compliance. However, determining the correct data to measure impact is challenging. For the past two years, the Data and Implementation Team at the Oversight Board, an independent body created by Meta to tackle difficult content moderation challenges, has been working to create a data-driven framework to hold the company accountable and ensure that users feel the impact of its recommendations. In this presentation, Data and Implementation Officer Carly Miller will discuss the lessons learned from taking policy oversight from theory to practice. Through a series of case studies, this presentation explores the challenges of tracking moderation impacts on small communities, improved automated detection efforts, and changes to user behavior.   

About the Speaker

Carly Miller is Data and Implementation Officer for the Meta Oversight Board. Previously she was a research analyst at the Stanford Internet Observatory. At Berkeley Law she was Team Lead at the Human Rights Investigations Lab School where she worked to unearth patterns of various bad actors’ media campaigns. Carly received her BA with honors in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.