The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism: China, AI and Human Rights


Date and Time

September 29, 2020 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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There will be four events, with the first on September 29th; all dates listed below

  • September 29th, 9-11am PST
  • October 1st, 9-11am PST
  • October 6th, 9-11am PST
  • October 9th, 9-11am PST


Panel 1: How AI is powering China's Domestic Surveillance State

A segment dedicated to exploring AI’s role in exacerbating surveillance risks and enabling digital authoritarianism, with attention both to state-sponsored applications and Chinese commercial services.

Panel 2: Sharp Market Power

What dynamics are at play in creating China market dominance for Chinese companies, both domestically and globally. What demands are placed on non-Chinese technology companies to participate in the Chinese marketplace?What framework should U.S.-based companies use to evaluate the risks and opportunities for collaboration and market entry in China? How are Chinese companies (e.g.., TikTok) competing in Western markets required to comply with Chinese government instructions or demands for access to data? 

Panel 3: China as an Emerging Global AI Superpower

A robust examination of China's growing influence in the realm of AI and the attendant geopolitical risks and implications. This discussion should explore topics including China’s bid through Huawei to build and control the world's 5G networks, and what that implies for human rights and national sovereignty and security; China's export of surveillance technology to authoritarian regimes around the world; and China's global partnerships to research and develop AI and the problem of illicit technology transfer/theft.

Panel 4: How Democracies Should Respond to China’s Emergence as an AI Superpower

A discussion of how the rest of the (democratic) world should react to (not over-react to) China's bid to harness AI for ill as well as good, highlighting a diversity of perspectives.