Cyber Initiative grantees in the News, February 2019

Cyber Initiative grantees and researchers in the news, February 2019

Here is a selection of Cyber Initiative grantee and researcher publications and citations for February 2019:

1-30-2019:  Larry Diamond “Chinese Influence, American Interests” in The Diplomat. 

1-30-19:  Michelle Mello “Stanford’s Michelle Mello on Latest Measles Outbreak” in SLS Blogs.  

1/31/19:  Matthew Gentzkow “How Quitting Facebook Could Change Your Life” in Fortune.  

1/30/29:  Matthew Gentzkow “This is Your Brain Off Facebook” in Health.   

2/3/19:  Herb Lin “Atomic Scientists: Hunanity flirting with annhilation” in Tribune.   

2/4/19:  Matthew Gentzkow “Quitting Facebook makes people happier, study finds” in Irish Examiner.   

2/6/19:  Herb Lin “Add cybersecurity to Doomsday Clock concerns, says Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” in CSO.  

2/6/19:  Herb Lin “Add cybersecurity to Doomsday Clock concerns, says Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” in CIO.  

2/8/19:  Elaine Treharne “Statement on the Hoover Institution” in The Stanford Daily.  

2/13/19:  Michelle Mello “Stanford’s Michael Wald on Vaccinations, Children’s Rights, and the Law” in The Stanford Report.  

2/15/19:  Fei-Fei Li and Elaine Treharne “Human-centered Artificial Intelligence Initiative talks AI, humanities and the arts” in The Stanford Daily.  

2/19/19:  Fei-Fei Li “5 Women advancing AI industry research” in Tech Talks.  

2/19/19:  Fei-Fei Li “10 AI influencers you should be following on Twitter” in  

2/22/19 Larry Diamond “Utah Against Health Insurance” in New York Times.  

2/23/19 Sharad Goel “Algorithms Can Decide Pre-Trial Jail” in urbanmilwaukee.  

2/25/19:  Dan Boneh “Zether developers from Stanford aim to add new layer of privacy to Ethereum” in Dapp Life.  

2/26/19:  Susan Athey “Ripple Lead on Questions – Student Seeks Clarification for Promoting XRP Over Bitcoin in Stanford University" in CoinGape.  

2/26/19:  Larry Diamond “George Pyle: Utah’s Medicaid reversal makes us a fool coast-to-coast” in Salt Lake Tribune.  

2/27/19:  Arnold Milstein “AI will not solve health care challenges now, but there are innovative alternatives, researcher writes” in Scope.

2/28/19:  Dan Boneh “New Privacy Protocol Zether Can Conceal Ethereum Transactions” in Blockonomi.  

2/28/19:  Jure Leskovec “Species evolve ways to back up life's machinery” in  

2/28/19: Matthew Gentzkow “What happens when you get off Facebook for four weeks? Stanford researchers found out” in Recode.