All Cyber News News August 25, 2021

Data and Knowledge Must be Protected Against Cyber Attack

In a new piece in the Financial Times, Marietje Schaake argues that protection for critical infrastructure is too often awarded using outdated criteria
image of hacking
Educational institutions have become lucrative targets for hackers and ransomware gang Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

When two Amsterdam-based universities accepted funding for research on artificial intelligence and internet search from network technology group Huawei last year, the decision raised eyebrows. While the US government was pointing to security risks and pressing European allies to join its decoupling efforts, Chinese companies continued offering enticing research and development investment deals, seen as part of the country’s soft power arsenal.


Marietje Schaake

International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Center and International Policy Fellow at the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
Marietje Schaake