All Cyber News Commentary November 17, 2022

The Midterms Revealed the Real Challenges Facing Our Elections

Large-scale voting fraud may be a chimera, but counting a rising number of ballots quickly will require investments in state and local election administration. Published in the Wall Street Journal.
a group of people voting in booths with an american flag hanging on the wall
Voters cast ballots in Detroit during last week’s midterm election, Nov. 8. PHOTO: MATTHEW HATCHER/SIPA/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Last week’s election defied expectations. The predicted “red wave” didn’t overwhelm the Democrats in Congress, as historical precedent would have suggested for the party of a president with low approval ratings presiding over a fragile economy. Unprecedented, idiosyncratic state-specific patterns seemed to emerge instead, with Republicans doing well in Florida and New York, Democrats doing well in the Midwest, and election nail-biters unfolding in Arizona and Nevada.