Photo of Ben Rosenthal

Ben Rosenthal

  • Research Assistant, Program on Democracy and the Internet


Ben Rosenthal is a Research Assistant at Program on Democracy and the Internet at the Cyber Policy Center. A recent graduate of Harvard College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ben received his A.B. in Linguistics and Statistics and concurrent M.A. in Linguistics. His thesis explored associations between phonological features and predicted emotions in text-based data. While at Harvard, he was also active as a student leader in myriad organizations including as manager for the NCAA Division I water polo team and as producer for several on-campus arts companies, including the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club and the Lowell House Opera Society. During the 2020 presidential election, Ben worked as a voter protection associate for Biden’s Florida campaign, ensuring equitable access for voters and developing real-time improvements to campaign infrastructure. He is originally from Miami, FL.