Governing artificial intelligence in the public interest

image with the words Governing artificial intelligence in the public interest

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a defining technology of the early 21st century (Hogarth 2019). Historically, the United States government played a leading role in funding research into novel AI solutions and investing in the infrastructure to bring such solutions to the market (OTA 1999). Major technology corporations continue to reap the benefits of public investment that started in the 1950s and continues until today. Early investment into computing capacity, for example, has laid the groundwork for a new slate of powerful AI tools (Fuchs 2010). Given the growing uptake of these AI technologies, we must now focus on assessing the potential systemic harms from their under-governed application. Some problems have already surfaced and more must be prevented. Specifically, the unregulated expansion of AI may exacerbate economic inequality and violate human rights...